female bust forms

vintage collection - bust forms


Our Vintage Collection is timeless in its aesthetic and composition, withstanding the test of time stylistically and functionally.

The eternally modern range has remained a firm favourite for 21 years, used by quintessentially British brands Burberry, Barbour and Kent and Curwen - all known for their originality and staying power.

Bust forms are sustainable; produced in cream, cotton calico that is distressed and stained using our secret formula that delivers classic colours with striking hues and pigmentation - and there are two styles to choose from:

Coffee Stain

The most lustrous of the two finishes. Its translucency, and the caramel colour dispersed on the fabric is truly beautiful. Coffee has a strong capacity for layering into richness for a statement finish.

Tea Stain

The subtler of the two finishes that has a soft, effortlessly-aged appeal and delightful honey hue. A lighter consistency creates a cloudy, touchable texture, with a more intense mixture used to create sun-aged seams.

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