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Our Vintage Collection is timeless in its aesthetic and composition, withstanding the test of time stylistically and functionally.

The eternally modern range has remained a firm favourite for 21 years, used by quintessentially British brands, Burberry, Barbour and Kent and Curwen.

Vintage Collection' accessories can be used as stand-alone display pieces or as add-on items to match the Vintage Collection bust forms.

Our neck forms, scarf necks, covered heads and padded arms are upholstered with the same aged, distressed fabric used to create our Vintage Collection bust forms. The classic colours have become our trademark, with their unique hues and pigmentation.

In addition to upholstered accessories, the collection includes items composed of light/dark wood stain, polished brass/cast metal, such as hat blocks, bangle bars, hat domes, and bag and jewellery presenters.

Customisation is key with our Vintage Collection Accessories, which is why we also offer a number of base design options with interchangeable tops that form unique display pieces.

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