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Proportion London specialise in aged finishes, creating the unique Vintage Style collection. We think these are the most authentic new, old looking bust forms available today. Vintage Style creates a display bust form that perfectly emulates an antique flea market find.

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Each body is lovingly handmade of papier mache at our London factory to your bespoke specifications. The production process remains virtually the same as it was over a century ago: natural materials, eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and handmade quality all feature as standard in our display figures.

To create your own Vintage Style bust form:
1 – Select a bust form shape or body from our vast library
2 – Choose a fabric covering and ageing finish
3 – Decide on a base stand and neck cap or finial finished to your brief
4 – Specify any embellishments, stencils or finish details

We also have a Vintage Style Accessories collection to complement this range, completing the most captivating retro style store interiors combined with modern functionality.

For more details on this range or to request a brochure please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 208 522 3000 or email info@proportion.london

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Dimensions 5589510634 cm