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costume figures

Having been specialists in the production of costume figures for museum display since the 1920’s, we have an extensive range of versatile display costume figures and forms, designed to suit both period and contemporary costume. These include articulated figures, cutaway forms, wax and fibreglass figures.

Our costume figures have a particularly fine surface finish which makes them ideal for use with delicate historical garments. Our costume figures have body shapes that are designed to accept costume padding well. Fastidious attention is paid to the elimination of sharp edges during production.

Other features include:

  • an adjustable waist fitting, allowing height to be set for each garment.
  • flexible elbow joint to alter arm positions and to minimise garment stress.
  • modification of figures available to meet client's specific measurements
  • finishing in a variety of paint types and custom colours
  • special stand options for use with historical footwear
We have a wealth of experience working with curators and conservators to develop bespoke, made to measure figures for specific costume. Our staff can advise where needed, please email for further information