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museum bust forms

With an extensive library of over one hundred body shapes (male, female and children) and the finest production methods, we can achieve the perfect body shape for any presentation whether it for be heritage or contemporary display.

Our bust form ranges include historical shapes encompassing Victorian, Edwardian and Belle Epoque, all of which can be upholstered in a standard calico finish or covered in a fabric of your choice. Various details such as heads, articulated arms, padded arms and telescopic base stands are also available.

Adding to the versatility of our forms, we designed petite museum bust form in conjunction with the V&A’s inhouse fashion presentation specialists and independent conservator; Deborah Phipps. The form has been acknowledged by many industry specialists as a truly chameleon piece of costume presentation equipment, padding up exceptionally well to accept garments as diverse as a as it can display garments ranging from the 17th century farthingale to a 1920's flapper dress.

To discuss your brief and for more information on our bust forms please contact our museum specialist by emailing