our facilities

We are dedicated to providing the visual merchandising industry with the very best in products, bespoke VM design and service.

Staffed by an experienced and competent team, we can help with visual merchandising related issues from design to delivery, manufacture to maintenance. Our staff have an exceptional blend of business knowledge and creativity, clearly understanding visual needs, which makes Proportion London the natural choice for optimum visual merchandising needs.

We have recently moved into a newly fitted modern production facility in east London, where we produce both fibreglass and papier-mache figures has many years’ experience in manufacturing hand laid fibreglass and papier-mache. The specialised skills needed in our production techniques have been handed down through generations of skilled artisans who have operated our manufacturing operation for well over 100 years.

Being one of the last UK manufacturers of handmade papier-mache bust forms, we proudly maintain this traditional technique with its eco-friendly materials and masterful craft finish. Alongside our family team of skilled tailors who hand stitch each covering like a Saville Row bespoke suit, work a number of specialist artists who tackle countless finishing processes including aged vintage finishes, decoupage and gold leafing. You can see why we are so satisfied with the unique collections we produce.

On the fibreglass side, we hand make each item to the customer's specific order, finishing the raw bodies twice with ever-finer attention to detail. Two large-scale spray booths mean we pride ourselves in being able to match virtually any colour and paint finish a client may detail. Finally, our wig and make-up artists add the final touch to our special custom finished products.