eco policy


Social and ethical policy statement

proportion>london's social and ethical policy ensures that the company undertakes its activities in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. This includes the ethical treatment of employees, customers, associates, contractors, suppliers, stakeholders and the public. The policy extends beyond the companies direct dealings with people to include the social impact of its activities.

The policy objectives are regularly reviewed and are supported by a number of other specific policies and procedures, which are regularly audited by external bodies, in particular, the Health and Safety and Environmental Policies.


proportion>london strives to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and with respect, and are appropriately rewarded. The company seeks to operate above the standards laid down by employment legislation and the 1998 Human Rights Act requirements, to implement an effective equal opportunities policy and to acknowledge staff representation.

The company facilitates effective communication with and between its staff by means of regular meetings, and also invites continual feedback from it’s employees. The company seeks to develop and train its employees to realise their full potential. The company offers an extensive range of training courses to meet these needs and provides other such training as may be required.

Suppliers of goods and services

proportion>london endeavours to deal with all suppliers of goods and services in an open and honest manner and with professional standards of respect and integrity.

Sourcing of materials

Within it's development process, proportion>london encourages the procurement of materials produced from renewable / sustainable sources whenever practicable.

Sales and after sales

The company strives to meet the reasonable expectations of its customers and to treat them with respect.

Health and safety

Through the health and safety policy, proportion>london conducts its activities with due regard for the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors, clients, visitors and members of the public wherever the companies activities are carried out.

Community engagement

The company seeks to engage with the wider community, including national and local government, councils and community and residents groups in an open and honest manner. The company will through increased production, aim to provide jobs and work experience for local people.