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McQueen xmas 2015

McQueen xmas 2015

We caught up with Laurent Paoli; the Visual Merchandising Director at Alexander McQueen. Here he gives us a little background information on this year’s Bond Street Christmas window scheme…

What is the inspiration behind this year's Christmas window?

The inspiration came from our Pre Spring Summer 16 collection, where flowers were an important part of the collection. We wanted to showcase our accessories and give them their own environment. Each flower arrangement was inspired by the clutch displayed within the cabinet.

To add to the story behind the scheme, while we were developing the concept, we came across the wardian case. A wardian case is "an early type of sealed protective container for plants, an early version of the terrarium. It found great use in the 19th century in protecting foreign plants imported to Europe from overseas". I guess it's about transporting beautiful and special things for people to discover.

We noticed one mannequin is in black and one in white - is this to play on a good v's bad theme??

At McQueen we believe in personality. Our woman is confident and strong enough to decide to wear any colours and be an individual.

The window doesn’t follow an obvious traditional xmas scheme - is there a story behind the concept, perhaps the foliage represents an enchanted forest or similar??

As a global brand we try to deliver schemes where individuals from across the globe interpret the window as they wish. It's about stimulating the eye and the mind with no code attached.

The mannequins featured in the window are from proportion>london’s FASHIONISTA range, Why did you choose this particular mannequin to display the dresses?

Fashionista represents our aesthetic: Feminine and strong.

McQueen xmas 2015